The Swim

The Challenge Atlantic City swim will take place in the placid back bays of Atlantic City. Located between the mainland and Historic Bader Field, our swim course gives spectators a terrific opportunity to view the entire swim course from one location. Also, from Bader Field, the entire skyline of Atlantic City is within sight. From windmills to casinos, bridges, and boathouses, the swim location of Challenge Atlantic City is perfect for everyone.

The course is simple. Half Distance athletes will complete one loop, full distance athletes two loops.

Transition Area: Bader Field will serve as our transition area where athletes switch from the Swim to Bike and Bike to Run. Just like the AC TRI, athletes will exit the water via temporary dock station, run to their bicycles, and exit Bader Field via the access gate just east of the Flyers Skate Zone.

The Bike

Prepare yourself. The 2015 Challenge Atlantic City Bike Course has been tweaked to be even faster than last year’s course. With a total elevation of…1500ft and the inclusion of the Wharton State Forest CAC’s bike are IDEAL for long-distance racing! Within 8 miles of leaving Atlantic City athletes are immersed in classic Americana! Yes, athletes go from flying down the expressway to country roads that wind through farms, vineyards, lush state forests, and miles of blueberry & cranberry fields. Our return course travels back down the Expressway into Atlantic City for a classic boardwalk run finish.

The Run

This is the BEST run in all of Long Distance Racing in the USA…period. Challenge Atlantic City’s run course has a total elevation of…354ft. SERIOUSLY! This is the place to run your fastest marathon ever! The highlight of this run course is the traverse along the World Famous Atlantic City Boardwalk, voted the #1 Boardwalk in the US by National Geographic Magazine. This run course will definitely keep you occupied and adrenaline pumping! Sun, Sand, Surf and plenty of spectators await you at the foot of Historic Boardwalk Hall the site of our grande finale finish!

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