The Swim:


The Challenge Atlantic City swim will take place in the placid back bays of Atlantic City. Located between the mainland and Historic Bader Field, our swim course gives spectators a terrific opportunity to view the entire swim course from one location. Also, from Bader Field the entire skyline of Atlantic City is within sight. From windmills, to casinos, bridges and boathouses, the swim location of Challenge Atlantic City is perfect for everyone.
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Swim Details

The swim will take place in the back bays of Atlantic City between Bader Field and the Atlantic City High School Boathouse.  The course will be very similar to the Atlantic City International Triathlons course, however, Challenge Atlantic City will have 2.4-mile swim, which will be 1 large loop. There is a 2:20 hour swim time cut off.

Transition Area: Bader Field will serve as our transition area where athletes switch from the Swim to Bike and Bike to Run.  Just like the AC TRI, athletes will exit the water via temporary dock station, run to their bicycles, and exit Bader Field via the access gate just east of the Flyers Skate Zone.

The Bike:

Prepare yourself. The Challenge Atlantic City Bike course has a total elevation of…775ft. That’s it! This is an extremely FLAT AND FAST course. Over 30 miles of our bike takes place on the Atlantic City Expressway (toll Bike Mapfree of course!). Immediately upon exiting the ACE athletes are immersed in classic Americana! Yes, athletes go from flying down the expressway to country roads that wind through farms, vineyards, lush state forests, miles of blueberry fields and finally culminating with a ride down Main Street, Hammonton, NJ, the Blueberry Capitol of the World! Our return course travels back down the Expressway into Atlantic City for a classic boardwalk run finish.
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Bike Turn by Turn Directions

The Bike Course: The bike course will again be very similar to the ACTRI. Athletes will travel west along 322 to the ACE Exit 2. Once on Exit 2, athletes will travel east to Exit 4 where they will turn right onto Franklin Ave, then LEFT onto Reading Ave to Mill Road. From Mill Rd, athletes will turn LEFT onto Delilah Rd to the airport circle onto Tilton Rd. From Tilton, athletes will bare LEFT onto Drosera and turn LEFT onto Leipzig where the athletes will then RE-ENTER the ACE at Exit 14. Athletes take the ACE to the Exit 28 Maintenance Yard. Upon riding through and exiting the yard (freshly paved!), athletes will immediately turn RIGHT onto 2nd Ave, then LEFT onto Weymouth Rd. From Weymouth athletes will turn RIGHT onto South Egg Harbor Rd.  From South Egg Harbor, athletes then turn LEFT onto Elwood, then LEFT onto Pleasant Mills, LEFT onto Nesco Rd, then RIGHT onto Columbia/Airport Rd, and LEFT onto Rt. 206. Once on Rt. 206 athletes will cross over the White Horse Pike (Rt. 40) and follow onto Rt. 54 (12th Street or Main Street) and follow to South Egg Harbor Road where athletes will turn LEFT. Once on South Egg Harbor, athletes will keep right and follow (this is known as the Hammonton Loop which athletes will complete 2x). Once athletes have completed the Hammonton Loop for a second time, they will return to the ACE as they arrived, taking the ACE Westbound to travel eastbound and complete the same route. Upon return, athletes will re-enter the ACE at Exit 4 Eestbound, to Exit 2, and travel 322 East to Bader Field, turn Left on Porter, and ride into Bader where they will rack their bike in transition.

Map of Hammonton Loop (Cyclists will complete this loop twice)bike loop

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The Run:

Challenge Atlantic City’s run course has a total elevation of…354ft.  SERIOUSLY! This is the place to run your fastest marathon ever! The highlight of this run course is the traverse along the World Famous

SM CAC Run Course Atlantic City
Boardwalk, voted the #1 Boardwalk in the US by National Geographic Magazine. Also, expect to run through diverse neighborhoods and venturing into neighboring communities. This run course will definitely keep you occupied and adrenaline pumping! Sun, Sand, Surf and plenty of spectators await you at the foot of Historic Boardwalk Hall the site of our grande finale finish! (Note: Courses subject to final approvals.)
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Run Turn by Turn Directions

The run will exit Bader Field via the boat ramp area, and turn LEFT on Albany Ave and head directly to the boardwalk. Athletes will run SOUTH to the end of the BW (Martindale Ave in Ventnor), and turn RIGHT to Atlantic Ave. Athletes will then turn LEFT and run Atlantic Ave through Margate to the END OF LONGPORT at 11th Ave. From 11th Ave, athletes will turnaround and return to the boardwalk via the exact route. Once on the BW, athletes will run NORTH to REVEL and turn LEFT on Metropolitan Ave, run down the ramp to Oriental Ave, turn LEFT, then turn RIGHT on Mass. Ave and proceed to Atlantic Ave and turn RIGHT, after turning right on Atlantic Ave, athletes will run to Main Ave and turn LEFT and run into/and around McClinton Park. McClinton Park will serve as an aid station / medical station. From McClinton Park, athletes will return exactly the way they arrived (Main Ave, Atlantic Ave, Mass. Ave, Oriental Ave, Metropolitan Ave, to the BW) From the BW, athletes will run SOUTH identical to how they arrived (via going past the finish line), and proceed to the end of the BW. Once they arrive at the end of the BW at Martindale Ave, athletes will then turnaround and run NORTH to Historic Boardwalk Hall for the Finish. Half of our 26.2 mile run will take place on the AC Boardwalk.

The Finish Line: Kennedy Plaza at Historic Boardwalk Hall will server as our finish line. BWH will also serve as spectator information, medical, recovery, and VIP/Athlete food.

Yes, this could be you! Yes, this could be you!