Charities and Partners

Gatorade Endurance is proud to be the official on-course Hydration and Energy Chews partner of Challenge Atlantic City, fueling you throughout the entire race. Gatorade Endurance Carb Energy Chews provide an energy benefit before exercise and during prolonged activities to help you continue to perform at a high level. With 120 calories and 30 grams of carbohydrate per 4-chew serving, the gummy texture is easy to chew and swallow, so fueling up won’t slow you down. Gatorade Endurance Formula contains nearly two times the sodium (200mg) and more than three times the potassium (90mg) of Gatorade Thirst Quencher to help maintain hydration and proper fluid balance and help replace the critical electrolytes lost in sweat during these occasions.

As an added Prime to All registered athletes… Challenge Atlantic City will provide Your personalized and unique race day analytics via “The Endorphin Report.”

Challenge Atlantic City is happy to announce that Bonzai Sports, (aka TriBonzai), one of the region’s largest Triathlon shops has agreed to represent TYR Sport as the Official Wetsuit Rental vendor for the event. TriBonzai will be on-site for all wetsuit sales and service. Please feel free to contact them if you need a wetsuit rental or purchase.

Spinlister was created as a way to connect triathlon and cycling enthusiast around the world, help the environment, and encourage peer-to-peer sharing. By creating a bicycle rental sharing economy with built-in security features and a database of user reviews, we have connected communities of cyclists and travelers all over the globe. Millions of bikes sit around unused each day, so we created a platform that promotes access over ownership. A world where you can pay off a portion of your purchases by giving like-minded people access to your gear. All bikes are even insured up to $5,000! A world where cities can create a bike-share program by using the existing infrastructure of their people instead of investing millions of taxpayer dollars. This is Spinlister. Spinlister currently has users in over 100 countries. Download the iOS or Android App or visit our Website to start using Spinlister today!